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So far, Serventi and his friends have been recreating looks from the runways of some of fashion’s most forward-thinking talents, using what they’ve found lying around in their apartments or family homes. The resulting creations have included bulbous, sculptural dresses by Comme des Garçons, pleated tulle from John Galliano’s Maison Margiela couture collections (here recreated with torn-up cardboard boxes), and even the Marilyn Manson makeup and soda can hair rollers crafted by Peter Philips and Guido Palau for Alexander McQueen’s iconic 2009 Horn of Plenty show. “Materials we all have at home like tin foil, bin bags, newspaper, and cellophane work surprisingly well,” Serventi explains, “but so do Pot Noodles, broken plates, and bin bags.”If you’re impressed by the ingenuity of some of these homages, it’s worth noting that Serventi and his participating friends are mostly recent graduates of Central Saint Martins, many of whom bonded over a shared willingness to affectionately poke fun at the fashion industry’s more overblown moments. “The fashion industry is definitely guilty of taking itself too seriously, but what’s great about #HomeCouture is we’re all in it together—taking the piss out of ourselves, each other, and fashion at large. The more you root around the Vogue Runway archive the more bizarre, unwearable, and amazing looks you find.”

San francisco baseball fans shirt

All jokes aside, for Serventi, the current lockdown has been an opportunity to look at fashion through a sillier, more playful lens, as we all look for a little escapism. “I just thought I might provide some fashion-inspired comic relief during this stressful period when everyone is bored and stuck at home,” says Serventi. “The challenge is all about bringing people together IRL seeing as we can’t physically hang out. It’s an opportunity to get creative and celebrate our fave fashions while connecting through humour. If we can’t laugh, we’ll cry.”

San francisco baseball fans Unisex Hoodie

Freshly-washed pink radicchio; kumquats tenderly topping a pile of squash; seasonal greens laid out on a lace tablecloth. Overnight, my Instagram feed, populated by the likes of King’s Clare de Boer and conceptual food artist Laila Gohar, had turned into a visual feast of farmer’s market-ready bounty thanks to a new delivery source. Natoora—the wholesale service that, pre-COVID-19, supplied produce to many of New York’s finest restaurants, from Four Horsemen to the Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park—had opened its virtual doors to Manhattanites. (Hamptoners are in luck, too: Natoora will begin serving the East End this weekend.) “It’s been fairly nuts,” Franco Fubini, Natoora founder and CEO, says with a laugh. In just the past two weeks, nearly 5,000 New Yorkers have signed up for Natoora. (In London, where the company is headquartered, that number has reached 30,000.) And with good reason: not only is its app as seamless to use as, well, Seamless, but its goods are sourced from over 120 responsible American farms—the Catskills’s Mountain Sweet Berry Farm and Vermont’s Tamarack Hollow, which grows what Fubini calls “very cool greens,” chief among them.

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